EXO-Ls Furious With AAA After They Mass Deleted Their Votes Ahead Of Closing The Voting Poll

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Asia Artists Awards is one of the newest award ceremonies in Korea; it has been running for the past 2 years and is set to hold its 3rd event this month on November 28.

The voting period started back on September 20 and closed a couple of hours ago on November 20th at 11:59 p.m. KST. Voting for the popularity awards section is 100% determined by fans and since the voting closed we already know who the winners of the popularity awards are.

Despite the award ceremony being young fans loved it because they thought they were not biased and fair in distributing awards.

YoonA’s fandom has been facing an issue with the event organizers as they reported they have mass deleted some of the fans votes. Now, EXO-Ls are also struggling with the same issue.

For the past two years, the AAA didn’t allow fans to mass purchase votes but this year an exception was made, now fans could buy votes. Many fans including EXO-Ls purchased votes for the AAA to support EXO.

About 14 hours ago fans noticed that EXO dropped from the first place to the second place, they had accumulated more than 2.2 million votes but suddenly their votes dropped to 1.76 million votes.

The fandom lost around 489,000 votes without an explanation which caused an outrage among fans who have been working hard on getting EXO the number one spot.

EXO has accumulated a total of 5,657,301 votes (13.5 %) with a gap of around 246,371 votes from the first spot.

The fandom was so taken back by the sudden deduction of the votes that they’re currently trending #fake_AAA on twitter to express their disappointment and fury with the awards ceremony for suddenly deleting votes without an explanation.

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  1. I don’t know what’s more dissapointing, the fact that it’s happening or the fact that it’s happening twice.

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