Despite Controversies, Big Hit Promises To Take Strict Legal Measures Against Malicious Commenter


Big Hit Entertainment isn’t backing down any time soon; the agency has released an update regarding their ongoing legal battle against antis who post hate and malicious comments as well.

On November 19, the agency shared an update on BTS’s official fan café letting fans know of the progress they had made to punish those who write malicious comments and spread hate online against BTS.

Through their official e-mail address dedicated to reports of people violating BTS’s rights, they managed to collect 70,000 cases from 41,000 emails. Some of these cases are repeated. They had started on June 5 and continue sifting through emails until late October.

The presented the evidence to their legal counsel and will bring charges against those who posted hateful comments, false information, personally attacked BTS, and defamed the group in a continuous matter as well.

Big Hit Entertainment also added that they plan on taking legal action against netizens who claimed to be employees of their firm and spread false information and posts.

“We will hire a specialized law firm dedicated to this field in the future, and will respond quickly and strongly to malicious netizens. We will take legal actions without any settlement or reduced sentence for the people who created and distributed malicious slander and false information. We will protect the interests of our artists and our company even if it takes a long time to complete this process,” Said Big Hit.

They closed their statement by ensuring fans they would regularly receive updates on the ongoing legal battle.

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