BLACKPINK’s Jennie Explains Why She Broke Down In Tears During Their First Solo Concert

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BLACKPINK has finally held their first solo concert recently, the two-days concerts were held on November 10 and 11. As you’d expected, the concert was sold out and many celebrities attended the concerts to show their support to the girls.

This might have been a bit overwhelming for the girls especially Jennie who burst into tears while singing the song “Stay.” The members consoled her and tried to calm her down as she wiped her tears; Jennie is known for her chic cool exterior so fans were surprised when she cried.

But we all know they are happy tears and Jennie has finally confirmed it.

On November 12, Jennie released her first solo track “SOLO.” She held a V Live session which was watched by millions of her fans who tuned in to cheer her as she makes her solo debut.

The V Live was titled “‘Solo’ Countdown Live [All About Jennie],” during the V Live she answered fans questions, she also talked about her flowing tears at last night concert.

She said,

“I was really touched and moved to tears towards the end of the concert, we were singing ‘Stay.’

It was a song we had been working on even before we debuted. When I thought of the lyrics and such, I thought about my members and the fact that we were able to come this far, I got emotional.”

Videos of her crying went viral, fans sent her messages of encouragement and gratitude for the great music they bless fans with.

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