The Rest Of The East Light Members Agency Has Officially Terminated Their Contracts

It has been revealed in an official statement by Media Line Entertainment, The East Light Members agency, that their contracts have been officially terminated.

The official statement was released on October 22 and explained the reason behind the abrupt termination of their contracts.

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They wrote,

“Hello this is The East Light agency media line entertainment.

We would like to inform you that we have decided to terminate the exclusive contract with the 4 remaining East Light members (Lee Eun Sung, Jung Sa Gang, Lee Woo Jin, and Kim Jun Wook).

We have been discussing with the remaining four members and their parents about the best choice to take for the past 3 days, we initially decided to hold a press conference and the four members were originally scheduled to attend.

However, we were concerned that the young members will be at the center of the controversy. In consideration of the pain and the future of the members, we concluded it’s the best solution not to hold a press conference. We are negotiating the contract termination procedure with the four members’ parents.

We are worried about the pain and the future of the members due to the termination of the contract, and we ask you to support the younger members so that they will not be hurt anymore and heal and be able to dream again.”

They also added that they won’t be taking any unnecessary response to the press as the issue grows and unfolds in consideration of the 6 members including the brothers who left earlier.

They added,

“In addition, we will be faithful to future legal inquiries and will not hesitate in the process to take responsibility and address the issues. We urge you to refrain from any unreasonable/speculative reports about what has yet to be investigated since they could hurt the members.”

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