Goo Hara Will Be Possibly Investigated For Bodily Harm Against Her Boyfriend “A”


Goo Hara has been wrapped up in controversy because of her assault incident that happened with her boyfriend A. The case is now taking a more serious tone, the police revealed that she will possibly be investigated for causing bodily harm instead of assault (the charges she was being inspected for before).

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul (the ones in charge of the case) reported that they are considering investigating Goo Hara on the suspicion of causing bodily injury.

According to various reports, the police came to this decision after checking the condition of the boyfriend’s face at the time he attended questioning. He had released a three-week medical report claiming that Goo Hara scratched his face.

This is a serious issue, here is why:

If she is charged with causing bodily injury and not assault this means that she will be examined by the prosecution and even if she and A decided to settle without going to court and decided to drop charges, she will still face criminal punishment.

Why is that?

Bodily injury is a crime that is punishable by the law even if the victim states they don’t want the alleged perpetrator to be punished.

The police will decide on a charge to apply to A after questioning the degree of the damage he received and the possibility of recovery for Goo Hara. The police will be summoning them again and conduct a cross-examination since the two have extremely mixed statements.

What do you think of this?

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