It has been revealed that former I.O.I member and current DIA member Jung Chae Yeon is going to take a break today due to her cold and fever.

On October 20, MBK Entertainment released a statement that explains Jung Chae Yeon collapsed on her way to a fan signing event for a beauty brand CANMAKE, she was taken to the hospital.

The agency explained that she was suffering from a fever and a cold and also had indigestion, the agency added,

“She is resting right now after being taken to the hospital.”

It was also announced that she will also not be taking part in her group’s performance at DEW E DEW E show at Seoul Fashion Week. DIA was scheduled to perform on October 20.

The agency stressed that she needed more rest and must focus on her health adding they will do their best so she can greet fans again ‘in good health.’

DIA’s Jung Chae Yeon is known for her beauty and is one of the most sought out idols for advertisement in the industry. She also makes the top 20 of brand reputation rankings for female advertisement models each month.

Wishing her a quick recovery!

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