BTS’s Suga Addresses Stigma And Prejudice Kpop Fans Face For Loving Their Idols

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On October 21, BTS’s YouTube channel Bangtantv posted a new episode of BTS behind the scene footage of them preparing for their UN Speech.

UNICEF had coordinated with BTS and created “Love Myself” campaign back in 2017 to help the voices of young people across the globe be heard. They were invited to speak as goodwill ambassadors.

Suga talked about how much he’s proud of his fans and addressed the stigma and unfair treatment Kpop fans face for simply supporting idol groups.

The boys gathered to talk about what they wanted to include in their speech, Suga pointed out that he was very impressed with their fans who helped raise 1 million dollars in support of their collaboration with the UNICEF. He gave credit to fans who made this possible and said that the members can’t do much but the fans themselves can help create a more positive change in society.

Suga said,

“With all honesty, we talk about doing things and change and that itself really can’t do that much. I don’t think our acting alone is a big help to others. I feel that whats amazing is that people who like us and support us are adopting the cause and spreading it.”

He also brought up the prejudice fan face for liking idols and how they are unfairly treated and mocked for it, he said ‘belittled for being idol fans.’ but added that they are amazing people who contributed back to society, he praised the fandom and said,

“Honestly, its not easy to do that just because you like someone.”

The episode shows BTS coming up with ideas, and RM practicing for the speech as well as their trip until they made it to the UN meeting.

Check out the full clip below:

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