It has been revealed that Sunmi collapsed on the stage of her “Music Bank” recording earlier today, the idol was transferred to the hospital.

Sunmi had arrived earlier today on September 14 and greeted fans with a smile on her face, the news shocked fans who became worried about her health, her label issued this statement,

“Hello, this is MakeUs Entertainment.

We are notifying you that Sunmi will not be present for her live stage on today’s ‘Music Bank.’

During the pre-recording stage this afternoon, the idol experienced dizziness spells and as a result, we halted the pre-recording immediately and transported her to the hospital. She is now receiving professional treatment while resting.

As of now, we believe that they are only passing symptoms, however, the doctors advised to look after her condition for a while longer, she will be unable to attend Music Bank today.

We ask for your understanding.”

Wishing Sunmi the best!


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