As if you needed more reasons to love GOT7, I bring you a new reason today.

On September 28, GOT7 arrived at KBS’s studio to record ‘Music Bank.’ They were greeted by many fans who couldn’t wait to see a glimpse of them, the fans were running along with the members snapping photos of them.

There was a slight crowding situation as fans gathered closely to the idols, this made a couple of fans trip and fall. One fan fell in front of JB, JB helped her up immediately while the crowd went ‘awwwww.

Another fan also tripped next to Yugyeom who was also worried about her, he helped her up really fast and kept repeating, “are you okay?” to make sure she was fine after the fall.

Netizens couldn’t help but love JB and Yugyeom’s nice gestures towards their fans who came to see them and cheer them on at KBS studios.

Check out the videos: