Goo Hara And Boyfriend Continue To Delay Investigation, Agency Still Unable To Contact Her


Goo Hara is still MIA and her agency is still having trouble contacting her!

On September 14, a source from Criminal Affairs Division at the Gangnam Police Station told media outlet TV Report that the idol and her boyfriend are delaying the police’s request for an investigation day by day, the police was supposed to investigate them for the call her boyfriend had made about assault but they’re both turning down the investigation.

The police added,

“They’re turning them down for reasons like personal schedules, hospital visits, or they need to speak to their lawyers.”

Despite the fact that boyfriend was the one who made the report, he is also not showing up to the investigation which fans found very suspicious.

Since last night, Goo Hara’s agency has not been able to get in contact with the idol since she doesn’t have any scheduled events lined up, this is still what the agency says to media outlets.

Channel A has posted a video of the police going to Goo Hara’s home and responding to the police call from the boyfriend, they arrived at her villa in Nonhyun-dong; the video footage doesn’t show the idol or her boyfriend.

What do you think of Hara’s actions?

Here is Channel A video:

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Source: (A)

My Thought

Why is Hara doing this? I am seriously curious!

This only brings suspicion to her, it’s also not nice that she has cut contact with her agency because with all honesty it doesn’t make sense that they can’t contact her, its not like she disappeared!

If she is truly a victim she should contact the police and her agency and clarify especially to her agency because these actions puts them in an awkward position, also why can’t a family member just call and let the agency know she is doing well.

The public is curious, fans are worried and the attention is all on her. I hope this gets resolved soon!


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