EXO-Ls Announce Plans To Sue Soribada Because Of Their Alleged Discrimination Against EXO


Things are getting heated between EXO-Ls and Soribada awards.

As we covered previously, EXO-Ls were less than pleased when they found out that EXO didn’t take home a Bongsang award even though they passed the alleged criteria for the winners.

Soribada’s criteria for artists taking home a Bongsang includes 50% in digital (streaming and downloading), 30% voting, 10% for the voting committee and 10% experts’ choices. According to various EXO-Ls accounts

EXO had led the online voting and won it, also EXO were the most streamed artists on Soribada charts with over 21 million downloads in total from 01-09-2017 to 25-08-2018.

It doesn’t matter if EXO had released a comeback in 2018 since they had already topped the streaming charts of Soribada for all artists during that period.

EXO-Ls are wondering if Soribada has an unspoken rule of attendance. For now, we have to wait and see whether EXO-Ls do plan on going ahead with their plans.

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