Park Bo Young Reveals A Unique Method She Uses To Find Out Whether People Actually Liked Her Movies


Actress Park Bo Young has one clever unique way she uses to actually see whether people liked her movie or not.

The actress sat down for a V Live broadcast on August 14 to talk about her upcoming movie “Your Wedding.”

She answered many questions about different things, she also revealed that she has a unique way she uses to find whether people liked or hated her movies, she said that she goes to theatres, purchases a ticket and sits at the back row of her film.

She then watches the audience react to her movie, this is how she finds out whether people actually liked or hated her movie, she added,

“People who know me only tell me good things about my movies, so I am always curious to find what real reviews are like.

When the movie’s over, people usually stand up and start talking about what they thought of it, it’s amazing, because I can hear everything. I also went to the washroom and heard people talking about the movie sharing their honest thoughts as they wash their hands. Sometimes, the comments hurt me, but when I hear compliments it makes me feel great.”

She also added,

“I wear a hat and a mask so that people wouldn’t know who I am, and I go to different theatres. However, I think that I won’t be able to go to a theatre nearby now that I have said that. Maybe now I need to go to a place outside Seoul.”

The host laughed when Park Bo Young explained her method, Park Bo Young suddenly realized that now people know of her secret method, it might become more difficult to carry it out.

What do you think of Park Bo Young’s unique method?

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