Ku Hye Sun Stuns With Slimmer Look, Explains Why She Lost Weight Recently

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Fans have noticed that beloved actress Ku Hye Sun had gained weight recently. She had recently made an appearance on July 22nd.

She had attended the 22nd “Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival,” and she savagely responded to the rumors of pregnancy and said that she gained 10 kg (22 pounds).

International fans were happy with the savage response of the actress while some Korean fans pointed out that she needs to lose weight.

Korean actresses are known for being slim and working very hard to maintain a slim figure in the industry, you rarely see Korean actresses that are above the average weight.

Recently, Ku Hye Sun has shared photos of herself and fans noticed that she looks slimmer. Fans love that the actress usually posts to her instagram to keep fans updated while they await her next comeback drama.

Her face was obviously slimmer compared to the last time fans saw her publicly back in July 22nd.

Her recent apparent weight loss left fans wondering what had happened; the actress shared the real reason why she had lost some weight in a very funny an enthusiastic way.

She had recently attended a press conference of her upcoming movie “Deep Sleep,” the conference was held on August 10. She was asked about what she wished to achieve, she said,

“I have to lose weight now!

After being in shock of hearing that I gained weight, I started scuba diving. Its not a weight loss exercise but I had lost weight due to the amount of energy required for the activity.”

Fans have sent her various encouragement messages; I still believe she looks beautiful with those 10 kgs or without them, but whatever makes her happy.

The actress is now officially a certified scuba diver, not once or twice but five, she has earned five scuba diver licenses. She had become an advanced scuba diver.

She shares her scuba diving activities with her fans, she has posted multiple photos of herself scuba diving, going on ship and resting next to her trainers.

What do you guys think of her recent weight loss?

통통이 퇴근. 잘자요❤️

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SDI 어드밴스드 다이버. 입니다^^

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