Highlight’s Agency Confirms, Yoon Doojoon Will Be Enlisting On The 24th Of August


Sad news to all, Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon is enlisting in two days.

Around Us Entertainment has confirmed that Highlight’s leader Yoon Doojoon is enlisting in the military on the 24th of August through an official notice to their website.

They wrote,

“The Leader of highlight’s Yoon Doojoon recently received a warrant for military service and will join active duty on Friday, August 24, 2018.

Yoon Doojoon will enlist and finish basic military training for 5 weeks, and plan to faithfully fulfill the duty as an active duty soldier.

I think you were very surprised to hear the news of Yoon Doojoon, who has been promoting non-stop since he debuted in 2009.

He was also very surprised to be informed of his sudden enlistment, but he’s going to film his drama until the very end with a strong mindset, organize his thoughts and fulfill his military duty as a Korean citizen.

Yoon Doojoon would like to enlist quietly so his exact enlistment time and place won’t be revealed.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience for not telling you advance and that you have been informed by news articles, we ask for your understanding again.

We would like to ask for your encouragement and support of Yoon Doojoon who has always prioritized his family, group and fans, to come back to you with a mature and greater appearance.”

tvN’s “Let’s Eat 3” revealed that the drama will be shortened from 16 to 14 episode. They also revealed that the script has been reedited but the drama ending won’t change, they will be focusing on the important parts.

We will miss you Yoon Doojoon, please take care of yourself!

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