Blinks are outraged and it’s because some so-called ‘fans’ have hurt their Jennie.

BLACKPINK members have returned to Korea after their concerts in Japan “Black Pink Japan Arena Tour” on August 18. An incident in Incheon Airport have left fans feeling outraged.

Many fans accounts claim that some ‘fans’ were getting too close to Jennie, one of them attempted to grab her attention and get closer to her. The guard prevented that from happening but that person didn’t give up and ended up slamming her rolling luggage into Jennie’s body. The luggage hit her ankle.

This is a huge deal for a couple of reasons aside from the obvious fact that you shouldn’t be doing this, Jennie is currently recovering from an injured ankle, she was supposedly hurt after she fell from the stage during their Arena tour in Japan.

Jennie was hurt by the hit, she was in pain. The members gathered around her trying to see if she’s hurt or okay. Rose looked especially upset that Jennie was hurt.

Fans are worried about Jennie’s wellbeing; they are outraged by that person rude behavior. What do you think of this?

Here are more video footage of the incident:


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