The bromance is real and still alive for two of our favorite on-screen bromance couple.

Gong Yoo sent Lee Dong Wook a coffee truck to the set of his upcoming drama “Life.” But the captions he used for the coffee truck made fans happy.

Lee Dong Wook shared photos of the truck and bowed in front of it showing gratitude towards Gong Yoo’s generosity. Lee Dong Wook captioned the instagram post with,

“You’re indifferent but sweet to me.”

One of the banners read,

“I see you’re wearing a coat, from Gong Yoo.”

Another one read,

“High ratings! I will shift all the bad energy toward the guy wearing that depressing coat; I hope that ‘Life’ will have a happy ending at least.”

Isn’t Gong Yoo just the sweetest?

무심한듯 다정한 그대여😍

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