“Familiar Wife” Releases Official Posters Of Ji Sung, Han Ji Min And The Rest Of The Cast


The official posters of the highly anticipated upcoming drama “Familiar Wife” have finally been released.

“Familiar Wife” tells the story of a husband (Ji Sung) who’s marriage to his wife (Han Ji Min) is at a rough patch who works at a bank who makes a choice that changes the lives of everyone around him.

Jang Seung Jo plays Ji Sung’s best friend, Yoon Jong Hoo, while Kang Han Na plays Jang Seung Jo’s first love.

The group poster shows Ji Sung in the middle sitting on a chair and surrounded by two versions of the people he knows. The polished sophisticated side of his wife, friend and first love and the modest look of them as well.

The individual posters of Ji Sung and Han Ji Min have also been released.



The upcoming fantasy drama will air after “Why Secretary Kim?” finishes its run. Its first episode will air on August 1st.

Are you excited about the upcoming drama?

My Thoughts

I can’t wait for the upcoming drama. I love Ji Sung and Han Ji Min, I have seen the teaser videos and they’re so adorable. I can’t wait to see the drama.

The concept of time is a double-edged sword, the drama outline suggests that Ji Sung’s character will make choices that influence the present lives of all the people he knows.

Korean writers haven’t always been able to handle that time concept correctly. I hope that this drama does it right.

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