Jung So Min has finally decided on her next project.

Jung So Min is joining Seo In Guk in the upcoming tvN drama “100 Million Stars Falling from the Sky.” The drama is a remake of the 2002 Japanese drama with the same title.

She is taking on the role of advertisement designer Yoo Jin Kang, she lost her parents at a young age but loves and cares deeply for her older brother. When she meets Kim Moo Young (to be played by Seo In Guk) her life changes drastically. The two are connected by a strange fate.

The drama will be directed by Yoo Jae Won, whose previous works include “King of High School” and “Oh My Ghostess.” The script will be written by screenwriter Song Hye Jin, who has written “My Sweet City” and films like “My Mother the Mermaid” and “My Wife Got Married.”

“100 Million Stars Falling from the Sky” is planning to air during the second half of 2018.

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