Kim Go Eun is returning with a new movie in 2018 “Sunset In My Hometown.”

The actress shocked the public by revealing that she gained 8 kilos to play the role of Seon Mi, the feisty confident heroine she is playing in “Sunset In My Hometown.”

She practiced for the Jeolla dialect and gained 8kg (about 17.6lb), this is a big deal for Kim Go Eun.

She explained her decision to gain weight for her upcoming role,

“I thought it would help if I gained weight, it would help me in creating the image of the girl-next-door Seon Mi. The director also liked the idea, so it was easy.

I focused a lot on changing my outer appearance and worked on the dialect, I thought it shouldn’t be awkward. I’ve put many hours into studying the dialect with my teacher. The town people also gave me lots of advises.

“Sunset In My Hometown” will premiere in July.

What do you think of Kim Go Eun’s weight gain?

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