Lee Yoo Young Opens Up About The Death Of Her Late Boyfriend Kim Joo Hyuk

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For the first time following the death of her boyfriend actor Kim Joo Hyuk, actress Lee Yoo Young made her first public appearance.

On March 12, the cast of the upcoming movie “Remember Me” attended the press conference at CGV in Gangnam, Seoul.

Following the death of her boyfriend, Lee Yoo Young took a hiatus and then focused on shooting for “Remember Me” alongside the rest of the main cast.

It came to no surprise that she was asked about how she’s been doing since the death of her late boyfriend, she said,

“I still miss him…. He used to encourage me so I think he would be very happy seeing me do well in whatever I do. With that in my mind, I’m trying my best to carry on as an actress.

I spent a lot of time alone at home. I think I have to start working well so I have been trying to live a busy life. I am currently promoting my new movie and also learning French for my next drama.”

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Back in December 2016, Lee Yoo Young and Kim Joo Hyuk confirmed they were dating. On October 30, 2017, the actor passed away in a sudden tragic car accident. The exact cause of death is still a mystery.

May his soul rest in peace!

We’re happy to see that Lee Yoo Young is trying to live her life earnestly!

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