Actress Lee Tae Im took to her instagram account to announce her retirement from the entertainment industry.

On March 19 she posted a picture of herself and captioned,

“This is Tae-im. I’ve been distant for a while.

These past days have been filled with suffering because of the thoughts that have been crossing my mind

I decided to live a normal life in the future.

I will live without forgetting those who have loved me. Thank you.”

The actress’s agency then released a statement explaining that they had no idea about her social media post, they also added that they will be looking into the situation.

The actress was involved in a fight with fellow actress Kim Ye Won back in 2015 after a portion of voice recording of them fighting was released, later the entire voice recording was released and it was revealed that actress Kim Ye Won ignited the argument, however, the public viewed Lee Tae Im unfavorably and she was blamed for the entire scandal.

Following the scandal, the actress took some time off, sadly, she was never able to restore her reputation or gain back her previous status in the industry.

Stay tuned for updates.


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