Kim Min Kyu Talks About Working With Chae Soo Bin For The Second Time In “I am Not A Robot”

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Aspiring actor Kim Min Kyu sat down for an interview recently and he spoke about his recently concluded drama “I am Not A Robot.”

The Daegu native actor has been working hard towards achieving his dream for a while, he starred as the robot engineer researcher who studied abroad. His character along with the rest of Santa Maria team worked on developing and maintaining the robot Aji3 under the guidance of Uhm Ki Joon’s character.

About working with veteran actor Uhm Ki Joon, he said,

“Thankfully, Uhm Ki Joon was able to help me calm my nerves before shooting. Song Jae Ryong and I are 12 years apart, but he always trusted me and allowed me to depend on him. When filming with the Santa Maria team, I filmed happily but I watched ‘I am Not A Robot’ with a heavy heart.”

In “I am Not A Robot,” actor Kim Min Kyu shares the screen again with actress Chae Soo Bin, they previously worked together on the KBS drama special If We Were A Season,” Kim Min Kyu commented,

“when I first saw Chae Soo Bin, I got the impression that she’s a hardworking actress who’s good at acting. This time again working with her on ‘I am Not A Robot,’ I realized once again just how much she works hard.

Soo Bin is pretty in real life, and even prettier when she’s pretending to be a robot.”

The actor also revealed that he didn’t have a particular dream when he was in high school and that by accident he stumbled upon the film “Memories of a Murderer,” after watching it he decided to pursue acting.

It has been 11 years since he started pursuing his dream of acting. He also talked about the confusion in his name, there is also another actor with the same name Kim Min Kyu who’s works include “Because this is my first life,” “Meloholic” and many others.

The actor commented on that and said that his name is very standard and that he would like to find his color because he has a different charm from fellow actor Kim Min Kyu.

The actor has joined the upcoming JTBC drama “Clean With Passion for Now” alongside Kim Yoo Jung, Song Jae Rim, and Ahn Hyo Seop.

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