Jung Hyun Don And Defconn Are Leaving “Weekly Idol”


On February 22 various online reports claimed that Jung Hyun Don and Defconn were leaving the beloved idols variety show “Weekly Idol.”

Soon after these reports were announced, the PD of the show Kim Jin took to his twitter account to personally confirm the news, he tweeted,

“An article has been published. Its very upsetting that we will no longer be with ‘Weekly Idol,’ the show we’ve been working on together for seven years. We, the staff and the MCs, would like to thank all the idol fans who loved the show dearly.”

The news hit the Kpop fandom the hardest. It was a decision no one saw coming. People are having difficulty believing that the show with its MCs will be changed.

The show began back in July 2011 and against all odds with its unique concept managed to draw in fans from all around the world. The show invites idol groups and guests over to do challenges, play games and many other things.

The show over its seven-year course invited some of the top acts of Kpop, including SNSD, BIGBANG, BTS, EXO, IU and many many others.

The show is planning on finding new MCs and changing its structure with multiple seasons.

How do you feel about the news? Did you see it coming?


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