Former EXO Member Tao Says He’s Fed Up With His Life And That Its Like Hell


The former EXO member Tao took to social media to express his current state of mind and his post left fans worried and puzzled.

Tao wrote a post to his Weibo page describing how he feels about his life and how he’s not resting and in constant labor, he stated,

“I am so tired and annoyed, I can’t even breathe. I need to resume filming for a drama but I don’t want to ask for a leave and I can’t keep the crew waiting.

I have to practice dancing but I am afraid that I won’t do well enough. I work everyday and honestly don’t want to do anything right now.

I can’t attend office meetings, can’t go home or enjoy a nice vacation.

This is the first time I have ever written something like this, but right now I just want to disappear and do nothing. Its been 6 years. I know that some people will say that I am an artist and that I need to deal with it, I know that, I have endured so much so far this is why I am writing this today. I just don’t know why but I wanted to do it. I don’t want to do anything. Its painful being unable to breathe.

Right now, looking at my life, I really think that its not different from a living hell. I am not having fun or living a happy life as many thought I was. Don’t say I am being hypocritical, I am actually a strong person. But right now, my mind and heart are tired and oppressed. I apologize for worrying you all. And I am even more sorry to myself.”

Following his alarming post, many fans sent encouraging messages to the idol, telling him to hang in there and be strong.

How do you feel about his post?

My Thoughts

I feel bad for the sweet Tao, but again it might be annoying to hear but unless he’s bound by a contract of slavery, he can escape this.

In my opinion, after going through with everything with SM Ent. And all that very troubled idol life, he should’ve paused and asked himself, if he really wanted to do this.

If he’s tired I recommend he takes time off after his current schedule wrap up, he should fulfill the rest of his duties since he’s probably contracted to do so, but if he knows well, he’ll take a rest after that.

I don’t want to say its entirely his fault, but it was his choice, again, I am not saying he shouldn’t feel like this, we all go through bad days. But if I picked this life then I should know more about it, if I like it, I proceed and if I don’t, I opt out.

He’s been doing it for 6 years. He should know by now. I feel sorry for him as much as he feels sorry for himself. I hope that he takes time to rest and recharge, and consider his life choices.

Few people realize that celebrity life is 10% glamour and 90% grinding. Its not easy and it’s not for everyone, much like a doctor/lawyer/engineer career is, its not for everyone.

I would also love if his family members saw this and came to his aid, there is only much fans can do. His family and close friends should help him out of this state, we don’t want another Jonghyun case, this worries me deeply.

But I am partially happy he’s speaking up about it. You did well Tao, please rest when you get the chance.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


  1. I like Tao when he was in EXO, I also support his decision when he choose to leave. But this is a kind of situation where I can not sympathise. Sorry. For me Tao always have a choice, besides isn’t he is a caebol? Take a vaccation after this and might as well think about change your career. There are so many people in this word wanting to just stop doing what they were doing because sometimes we do feel worthless and down but we couldn’t cause we don’t have those many opportunities and choices and so we have to deal with whatever comming. I dont want to start talking about people in the war torn zone, it’s amaizing they didn’t commit suacide.
    Anyway I think passion is the key factor if poeple were to join show biz. Take Ha Ji Won for example, she even gets psychiatric help cause she cant get out of her character from sector 7 so she can plays Gil Ra Im in secret garden. When I heard about this I was amazed by how deep she is willing to invest herself physically and emotionally to do what she loves and most of the character she plays were not an easy one too but she didn’t complain and were always greatful. So if it just fame one is after then they would probably have a difficult time when things get hard and not to their liking. There’s always a price for whatever choice we made. Lastly I hope Tao can get the help he needed, depression can be due to anything and should not be taken lightly.


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