Shin Se Kyung Shares Thoughts About Reuniting With Kim Rae Won 14 Years Later

Shin Se Kyung has been acting for a long time, she had debuted back when she was in middle school.

The actress first project was a film called “My little Bride.” The movie starred Kim Rae Won and Moon Geun Young. Shin Se Kyung reunited with Kim Rae Won 14 years later in the new drama “Black Knight.”

The main cast of the drama attend the press conference to promote “Black Knight” back on December 5th.

Shin Se Kyung commented on what it felt like reuniting with him, she said,

“I was in my first year of middle school back then. I remember it because it was my first project. I was so clumsy and didn’t know anything. Back then we didn’t meet a lot on set, but it was a meaningful work in my life.”

The actress also joked that Kim Rae Won might not even remember who she was because it has been such a long time since then.

She added,

“We’ve both met again on another set, it feels like a blessing.”

Kim Rae Won was asked about how he felt about their reunion, he said,

“Of course, its nice to see her again.”

Meanwhile, “Black Knight” premiered last night with promising ratings, its been capturing audience with its intriguing plot.

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