New Innovative Way Saesang Use To Find Out About Idols Flight Details Is Equally Chilling And Scary

Curious about how some saesangs manage to know about flight details of your favorite idol?

Wondering how some saesangs could snap pics of idols even when they’re on airplane?

How could they catch them? How could they have known about when they were leaving for a country?

JTBC has recently released a chilling report of how easy it is to get flight information of basically an idol you want in less than an hour paying less than $25.

Saesang have used this way to gain access to private information, a JTBC reporter even attempted to find information on a popular idol group flight schedule, the idol group had a performance abroad.

The reporter messaged a twitter account, the account holder claimed she could provide him the information he needs. For 30,00 won ($26.53) she can provide the flight information, for the seat information you need to pay 20,00 won (approx.. $17.69). the entire process took the reporter less than an hour.

Since seat information have been released, it is believed that the people who leak this information are from the airline itself.

This information can be used to do far bigger problems in the future.

Idols have suffered long from saesangs interference in various places in the airport. Many idols go through hell trying to exit or enter an airport.

This report has led many people to demand a full investigation to this problem. Idols and everyone else information must be protected and can’t be leaked to anyone for a mere $30.

Don’t you agree?

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