Minzy Admits She Felt Extremely Lonely After Her Departure From 2ne1


Seems like solo promotions is making Minzy feel very lonely.

Minzy had a photoshoot with ‘The Star’ and talked about her days as a 2ne1 member and how that changed after she left the group.


In the interview, she talked about how much she misses being a part of 2ne1, she said,

“I felt lonely, I was trying to do all of what we used to do together as group by myself. We were always loud and there was always something happening, so when I left, I was quite sad.”

When asked about how did she want 2ne1 to be remembered, she gave this heartbreaking answer, she said,

“I hope that our group is one of the group that’ll remain in our hearts and is never forgotten.”


The idol was also asked about her recent variety show appearance in “Unnie Slam Dunk,” to that she commented,

“I wanted to show a different side of myself, something out of my conventional mysterious fearful image.”

She was also asked about how she’s doing with her new agency, she said,

“Unnie Baek Ji Young, who is a member of my same agency, takes good care of me.”

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