Go Kyung Pyo Reveals He Struggled With Depression And Panic Attacks In The Past


Who knew such a bright character actually suffered depression?

Actor Go Kyung Pyo is an actor with clear conviction and principles.

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In a recent interview, he discussed old times that made him feel embarrassed, he said,

“Its autumn again,old thoughts of the past creep up on me.

At the time, there were some moments were things blew out of proportions, and whether they were in the right or not, back then I wasn’t able to explain myself .

There were times when I was treated like less than a human, things weren’t truly what they appeared to be. I was emotional and judgmental like those people, I was really embarrassed.”

The actor also opened up about his struggles with mental health problems. He said,

“From around the middle of “Reply 1988’ until I went to Africa for ‘Youth Over Flowers,’ I was suffering from panic attacks and depression.

It was serious enough I had to take medication. I still feel apologetic to director Shin Woo Ho, I felt like I was a burden.”

He assured fans and said,

“I am in a much better place not. After going through these things I learned to listen to others than stick to my own opinion in order to be respected.”

He also talked about the pressure of being in the public eye and how he felt more responsible for being a public figure. He said,

“There isn’t much time left before I enlist in the military, I would like to focus on my acting career. If its fun its good. I hope I won’t play another repetitive character. I plan on challenging myself with new characters to see if I can play them in a new environment.”

We’re glad Go Kyung Pyo is in a better place now.

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