Dara Wishes Her Younger Brother Thunder The Sweetest Birthday


The former 2ne1 member Dara was keen on wishing her younger brother Thunder the sweetest birthday using the cutest emojis there are.

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She posted a selfie to Instagram of them together and wrote this sweet caption,

“Ack!! Its past midnight in Korea! Happy birthday to you~happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Thunder~My little ol’ Thunder Happy birthday to you~!!! The way my little brother sends messages, zones out, eat and play video games are all cute in noona’s eyes. This is why I took some photos in secret… I wish you all the happiness and great health!!! #HappyThunderDay.”

Scroll through the same Instagram post to see more photos of what Dara had secretly took of her little brother.

The two have recently travelled back to the Philippines, Dara shared various photos of the two enjoying their time together.

Happy birthday Thunder.

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