Seems like the lead characters of “Byun Hyuk’s Love” will be struggling with their jobs and life in general.

The highly anticipated tvN youth drama “Byun Hyuk’s Love” has released two new teasers of its characters.

In the first teaser video, Baek Joon (played by Kang So Ra) seems to be upset about what Kwon Je Hoon (played by Gong Myung) said to her the other day about jobs and their values and how it affects everyone’s social status, she gives an advice to Byun Hyuk (played by Choi Siwon) telling him to work harder to survive in this ‘hell Joseon.’

In the second teaser video, the three main characters seem to be struggling with their jobs. Baek Joon is feisty, hardworking and tries her best to do as many part time jobs as she can, while Byun Hyuk tries to adapt to his new life as a construction worker. Kwon Je Hoon is struggling with his new duties as Byun Hyuk’s babysitter.

“Byun Hyuk’s Love” airs its first episode on October 14.