Stills From Nichkhun First EVER Korean Drama Role In “Magic School” Revealed“Magic-School”.jpg

The 2PM member is finally making his Korean drama debut.

JYP idol-actor Nichkhun was confirmed to act in the upcoming JTBC fantasy drama titled “Magic School” along with GOT7’s Jinyoung, Yoon Park and Shin Eun Soo.

The drama “Magic School” is a fantasy drama that’ll air on Naver TV cast, it tells the story of four individuals, Nichkhun will play a hospital intern who is from a poor family but has a big heart. Jinyoung will play a university student who has never had a girlfriend, while Yoon Park will play a popular magician who is in deep sadness.

The four people gather at a “Magic School” and their lives get forever changed. The drama is set to air its first episode 11 September, it will have 20 episodes with 15 minutes each.“Magic-School”.jpg

Are you excited about Nichkhun Korean drama debut?

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