Kim Soo Hyun To Enlist In The Military Next Month

Prepare your tissues girls, there is less than a month left before you have to say goodbye to yet another oppa.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun has finally announced his military enlistment date and its sooner than we had expected or wished.

Through his agency KeyEast Entertainment, he released a statement on September 28, the statement reads,

“Kim Soo Hyun who is a citizen of the republic of korea will be enlisting to fulfil his military duties on October 23.”  “The actor wishes to enter quietly without any formal event such as a farewell greeting or a press conference.”

The actor is set to complete 5 weeks of training at the army recruit training centre; he will serve the standard 21 months.

The actor has recently been in a noir film titled “Real” which received mixed reviews from the public. The actor has been laying low for a while after he completed his press promotions for his last movie “Real”.

The actor will be released some time in summer 2019, he joins other actors who are also born in 1988. Fans will be sad to say goodbye for their oppa.

Please return in good health oppa!

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