Kang So Ra Is A Hard Working Woman In Recent “Byun Hyuk’s Love” Stills


tvN has released new stills of Actress Kang So Ra’s character in the upcoming drama “Byun Hyuk’s Love.”

Kang So Ra will play the character of Baek Joon, a hardworking woman who does many part times jobs, despite her good educational background she is unable to find a steady job.

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The stills shows the character ability of adapt and work hard in various part time jobs. She is full of positive energy and is a righteous character that can’t stand injustice. You can see the character carrying heavy water containers, a barista in a café, working with customers in the parking lot and much more.

The production staff behind the drama has nothing but praise for the actress, they commented,

“Kang So Ra has a healthy charm and good acting abilities, those traits match her role as Baek Joon, she is a pleasant refreshing character you can look forward to.”

Meanwhile, the drama will air its first episode on the 14th of October.

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