The cast of the upcoming drama “I Am Not A Robot” is slowly taking shape.

Chae Soo Bin and Uhm Ki Joon have been confirmed to star in the upcoming MBC drama “I Am Not A Robot.”

Yoo Seung Ho has been confirmed to join the drama about a week ago, he will take on the role of the perfect son Kim Min Kyu, who is the head of Korea’s buggest financial company, but suffers from ‘human allergy’, he meets a girl who pretends to be a robot and falls in love with her.

“I Am Not A Robot” is set to air later this year, and will be 16 episodes long. It’s a romantic comedy series about a man who struggles when forced to interact with humans. This is Yoo Seung Ho first ever romantic comedy role.

Chae Soo Bin will take on the role of Jo Ji Ah, a young driven entrepreneur with high emotional intelligence, she dreams of making things that people need. Her ex-boyfriend Baek Gyun asks her to act like a robot part-time.

Uhm Ki Joon will play Jo Ji Ah’s ex-boyfriend Baek Gyun, a world-renown genius robotic engineer, in the drama he creates the most advanced robot “Aji3.” He had previously stole the spotlight with his villainous in the popular drama “Defendant” earlier this year.

The drama is to be directed by Jung Dae Yoon, who’s previous work includes “She Was Pretty” and “W.”

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My Thoughts

I don’t know about the cast…. Why did they add Uhm Ki Joon to the drama?

I ask this question because he is born in 1976, he is way way older, Soo Bin and Seung Ho are of the same age born in 1994 and 1993 respectively, he is clearly a lot older and looks a lot older as well.

There is nothing wrong with his acting, he is an amazing actor but him playing Soo Bin’s ex-boyfriend is just too far of a stretch to me…

The plot still doesn’t make much sense to me, a woman pretends to be a robot? why? why would anyone wanna do that? why would anyone want to make a drama about such a plot?

What do you guys think?