“Man Who Dies To Live” aired a couple of months ago and with its first episodes, Muslims from all around the world were angry of its illogical discriminating representation of Islam and Muslims in general.

MBC later on released an apology translated to Arabic, they apologized for their misleading and wrong interpretation of Islam and promised to do better.

Despite the backlash, the drama continued to top the ratings during its entire run time, and its last episode scored the highest ratings of its entire run. Shin Sung Rok’s acting was highly praised for being so good and much different from what he usually shows.

One of the main drama actors, Shin Sung Rok apologized once again to Muslim regarding the misrepresentation. In a recent interview with media outlets he apologized once again, he said,

“I feel so apologetic about the issue that happen. I feel like I am also at fault here for remaining ignorant about it. The entire issue happened mainly because we were all ignorant. It wasn’t done with ill intentions in mind. It was merely ignorance. Please forgive us.”

How do you feel about Shin Sung Rok’s apology?


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