Ha Ji Won Talks About Working With 13 Years Younger Co-star Kang Min Hyuk


Ha Ji Won had nothing but praise for her young co-star Kang Min Hyuk.

The press conference for the upcoming drama “Hospital Ship” was held August 28, and the entire main cast was present for the event.

The actress was asked to comment about the huge age gap between Kang Min Hyuk and her, she said,

“There is an age gap, but when its time to film, the gap disappears and we’re our characters. Kang Min Hyuk fits his role perfectly, “working together isn’t difficult or hindering at all. Filming has been really fun, the drama is a blast.”

She also thanked both her young co-stars for taking good care of her, she said,

“In fact they’re the ones who take good care of me, I am thankful for that.”

She also talked about why she chose this particular drama as her comeback project, she explained,

“Hospitals are usually where people got to be treated by doctors, but that wasn’t the case with ‘Hospital Ship’, its different”, “it’s the ship seeking the patients to treat them both emotionally and physically. I felt authenticity in that part and I decided to challenge myself and take on the drama.”

Meanwhile, “Hospital Ship” talks about a group of doctors who help patients on an island. “Hospital Ship” will air its first episode on August 30, are you excited about the drama premiere?

Do you think the age gap will make a difference?

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