[BREAKING] Ryu Jun Yeol and Girls Day’s Hyeri Confirmed To Be Dating


The Reply 1988 characters didn’t find happy ending in the drama, but they did in real life.

The leads of the popular tvN series Reply 1988 have confirmed that they’re dating following various rumors which spread this morning.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Girls Day’s Hyeri agencies released statements confirming the relationship, Ryu Jun Yeol C-JeS entertainment released a statement that stated,

“Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri relationship has recently developed from friends to lovers, we are sorry to inform the fans of the sudden dating news.

We ask of you all to watch over them warmly, since they started dating only recently.”

Girls Day’s Hyeri agency also released a statement confirming the news, they stated,

“After checking with Hyeri we confirmed that both of them are currently dating. They progressed from being friends to lover. Since their relationship is in its early stages, we ask of you to watch over them warmly.”

The two have met on the set of tvN’s “Reply 1988” and used to be very good friends, Ryu Jun Yeol is 31 years old and Hyeri is 23 years old, there is about 8 years gap between them.

We wish the couple the best!

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