“School 2017” started of its first episode last week and it already captured audience hearts.

The next installment of the popular KBS School series parodied two very famous kdramas of 2016 “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” and “Descendant Of The Sun”.

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During the first episode Kang Min Hyuk has a special cameo appearance and during the cameo appearance Kim Sejeong’s character imagine what would her life be if they became a couple.

The cute daydream she had is similar to what Park Bo Gum’s character in “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” did to Kim Yoo Jung’s character,  Kang Min Hyuk leans forward to seemingly kiss her and he reaches for her pen and puts a dot on her cheek, he then say “I’d marked you as mine for a while now.”

Credit: KBS

And during the second episode, there was a parody of “Descendants of the Sun”, the homerun teacher played by Han Joo Wan and Han Sun Hwa who is  playing a school cop recreate an infamous scene of the legendary drama.

The scene parodies when  Song Hye Kyo‘s character threatens to report Song Joong Ki‘s character, and then Song Joong Ki knocks her phone easily and hand-catches it in mid-air swiftly.

Credit: KBS

The drama airs its third episode tomorrow Monday.

Have you checked out the drama yet? Do you like it?