Suspicious Partner Is Catching Up To Ruler: Master Of The Mask In Ratings Battle


Ruler: Master Of The Mask continues to be the number drama in its timeslot for this week as well.

According to Nielsen Korea MBC’s Ruler: Master Of The Mask recorded 10.9% and 11.9% for its 17th and 18th episode.

It was a slight decrease compared to the last episode, but still the drama came at the top.

Suspicious partner is right behind it and according to Nielsen Korea recorded 8.4% and 9.8% and its getting closer to becoming a double digit holder like its competitor Ruler: Master Of The Mask.

Queen for 7 days recorded 6.7% coming in at last place.

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My Thoughts

I think this always happens with Nam Ji Hyun, this isn’t the first time, her previous cute drama “shopping king Louis” started at last place in ratings and slowly became number 1 beating out all its competition.

You don’t always see that happen in kdrama land, because dramas that are doing good continue to do good even if there are better dramas airing the same time as them.

So unless the drama with the highest ratings finishes, you don’t always see a huge shift in ratings between dramas since audience is probably invested in the high ratings drama to begin with.

But we have an exception with Suspicious Partner. It is such a good drama and I honestly wasn’t so sad after I saw its ratings.

I had a feeling the ratings will soon change, the drama is amazing and the 19th and 20th episode (I just saw them) were great.

The drama has many plot twists which is always refreshing, and the chemistry between all the cast is by far one of the best of 2017.

I do think Suspicious Partner will beat Ruler: Master Of The Mask next week in the ratings game, but we never know.

I love both dramas and I think they’re both great, but I do think we’re about to see a huge shift in ratings numbers next week.

Which drama are you rooting for to be at number 1?


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