Ruler: Master Of The Mask defeats Suspicious Partner and surpasses the 10% rating mark.

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Two of the most anticipated dramas of 2017 had their premiere yesterday and the results for the ratings are finally in.

Unexpectedly a very unlikely candidate took first place, Ruler: Master Of The Mask rated an average of 9.7% for its first episode, and quickly surpassed the 10% mark on its second episode.

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The second episode rated an average of 11.6% according to Nielsen korea.

The drama previously aired on MBC was the lowest rated drama in its time slot, and did not exhibit good ratings, it always ended in third place during the battle of ratings for Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

This means that Ruler: Master Of The Mask achieved first place without benefiting from a rating successful drama before it.

The drama previously holding first place, Mystery queen was knocked down into the second spot with 8.7% in ratings.

Sadly, the new SBS romantic comedy Suspicious Partner took last place, and came with 6.3% in ratings, however the second episode showed some increase and brought in 6.8%.

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My Reaction


I kinda saw that one coming to be honest with you!

I had a hunch telling me that Ruler: Master Of The Mask was going to rank first in ratings and it turned out to be true.

Our oppa last drama before enlistment came in last place, I feel so sorry for oppa Chang Wook already.

I am not into historical dramas much, but I haven’t watched Ruler: Master Of The Mask yet so I can’t judge.

I have just finished watching Suspicious Partner and loved it, its light fluffy and cute, the review of it will come out soon.

Both dramas will have a very long run of 40 episodes, I didn’t expect them to air for so long, so I don’t know if I will be watching any of them for too long “I get bored easily and cannot handle long dramas”.

I am so torn apart here, I love both Chang Wook and Seung Ho, I wish them both success, but I highly doubt that its gonna change “ratings wise” any time soon.

I suspect that Seung Ho drama will even rise more in today’s episode and that Chang Wook’s drama will also rise but remain third place, if they’re lucky they will come in second place.

So what do you guys think? Did you watch both dramas? Which one you liked more?

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