Zico Departs Seven Seasons, Agency Releases Statement Clarifying Block B’s Future

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Zico has left his agency of five years, Seven Seasons.

On November 23rd, a report by The Fact reported that Zico had decided to part ways with the agency and his group. The insider source claimed that only six members have renewed their contracts while Zico left his group and agency.

In response to the rumors, Block B’s agency released a statement clarifying what will happen with the group and confirming Zico’s departure from their agency. However, contrary to the reports and speculations, the agency clarified that Zico’s future with Block B is still under discussion.

Here is the full translated statement:

“Hello, this is Seven Seasons.

Seven Seasons and Zico have agreed to end their exclusive contract of the last five years.

The six other members of Block B (Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, P.O), excluding Zico, have concluded renewing their contracts with the Company, their signing is complete.

However, since the time of each member’s military service is approaching and there is a difference in the time of each member’s military service, individual activities and unit activities will be the main focus for the time being.

We will share Block B’s future after discussing it from many angles with all seven members.

We express our gratitude for Zico, who not only gave his all as Block B’s leader, but also gave his all as a producer. We wish him the best of luck on his new start. We will continue cheering him from her on.

Thank you.”

For now, its believed that Zico will be taking a short break to focus on his own music before making a comeback sometime next year. Many speculate that he’ll set up a one-man agency instead of finding a new agency.

Block B’s last group promotions were back in early 2018 with “Re:Montage.”

Stay tuned for updates!

MY Reaction

I am a bbc so today is a sad day. All real Block B fans knew it was going to happen since the initial statement released about a couple of months ago.

I can’t hide my sadness or worry for the future of the group, but what really struck me and rubbed me the wrong way was that everyone says he left Block B when seven seasons themselves said they are yet to decide what will happen to the group as a whole.

Its written in the god damn statement, whats wrong with everybody?

Also, you know whats even more annoying?

All those people who are not Block B fans saying things here and there like they know anything, smearing Zico’s name saying he never cared and those other kpoppers (not pretenders or fake fans) just believe them.

Its really funny you comment as if you know anything when you only knew one member not the entire group, its just sad! I don’t mind people voicing their opinions but for crying out loud know what you’re talking about. Say what you wanna say but at least do some research before you say anything otherwise you look stupid.

Block B doesn’t have the biggest international fan base and there are a lot of zico but not Block B fans which we, as bbcs, already know.

FYI: zico stuck with his group when they filed a lawsuit against their former label and he led them to seven seasons. Back then he was given many offers in various agencies (he said so) such as AOMG, Jay Park told him to come to him.

Back then he said that he wanted to be with his group, he stuck with them and helped them up and it wasn’t only him. other members (who are equally talented) also did their best.

When I first stumbled upon Block B my bias was ukwon I didn’t know about zico, I found out about him and his solo releases later on. Also, six of the seven block b members write and produce music guys… (ya, shocking I know!)

I know why he made this decision and I am almost sure he’ll start his own label. he went through a lot of trouble and made it out victorious with tracks charting along any of the big three at any given time.

He can pull it off and do well. I think he can become a successful CEO like Jay Park. He is intelligent and PC (in most cases) and this is why he probably left.

as for my dears Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung and P.O. I will continue to support each and every one of you. Taeil solo concert is coming up, wish him the best!

P.O will also be appearing in Park Bo Gum’s upcoming drama, good news.

I think the other members can make it work solo but I do wish they return together one day as seven for old times’ sake.

Taeil, B-Bomb and Jaehyo are all born in 1990 which means that they will enlist next year, the rest will follow P.O being the last one.

There is one last thing I ask of seven seasons, is to make it clear! they said they will discuss with the seven members on their future as the group and report back. I hope they do so.

I wish they would respect us and not delay it or act as if they said nothing. so far, I have no complaints of the label they’re nice fellas so I do hope they report back to us soon.

We need to know if he’s in or out. I think they owe us that much. At least be honest, don’t keep it up in the air for the next couple of years for us to find out through an unofficial statement or worse.

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