BABY MONSTER 13-Year-Old Member Chiquita’s Introduction Live Performance Video Receives Great Response

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The live performance video of YG’s next-generation girl group BABY MONSTER’s member Chiquita has become a hot topic among global music fans.

 According to YG Entertainment on January 24, ‘BABYMONSTER (#3) – CHIQUITA (Live Performance)’ recorded 4.24 million views on YouTube within 24 hours of its release at midnight the previous day, ranking fourth in the world’s most-viewed video.

 Chiquita is YG’s Thai-born artist, following BLACKPINK Lisa, and the youngest member of the group to be announced so far. She captured the hearts of viewers with her lovely visuals, soulful voice, and incredible expression at the age of only 13. All contents unveiled for BABY MONSTER on YouTube, as well as for Chiquita has been loved evenly. Even before the official debut, the number of subscribers exceeded 630,000 and the total cumulative number of views exceeded 70 million.

BABY MONSTER is a multinational new girl group announced by YG Entertainment about seven years after BLACKPINK, and consists mostly of teenagers. Starting with the video of the launch of a new girl group on January 1, the identity of members is being revealed one by one. This is the appearance of a rookie whom YG Entertainment has been working hard on for a long time.

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