What Big Hit Entertainment Did For ARMY To Finally Call Them Out For Not Giving Subtitles For BTS Content

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ARMY have trended a hashtag asking Big Hit to add subtitles to BTS content.

There have been lots of discussions about BTS content and the lack of English subtitles for a while now but fans finally had enough when they saw that BTS new DVD was released in foreign countries without any subtitles which is pretty weird since fans are paying for those DVDs.

After seeing that the DVDs had no subtitles, ARMY began trending #BigHitAddSubs on twitter, it topped worldwide trends, many ARMY expressed their frustration with the lack of subtitles in other major languages around the world despite the global status of BTS.

Many also mention the fact that many ARMY translators work for free and BTS content that gets translated is usually taken down from YouTube due to copyright issues leaving fans with no resort but to beg fan accounts that translate to upload content anywhere so they could understand.

Here are some of fans’ tweets:

Do you think Big Hit should add subtitles?

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  1. I know their busy but it makes sense they should i as an ARMY cant understand anything they say on BangtanTV i hope in the future they can translate.

  2. All International ARMYs are really facing trouble with understanding BTS content… Even I have a hard time looking for english subs… I personally too think that english subtitles should be added, or at the most they can pay some ARMYs or appoint someone to tramslate their content…

  3. I know their have no time but please for ARMY you can add eng sub because many of the people can’t understand. Their have many international ARMY are here. Really when I watch videos I just say why it’s happen with me

  4. I don’t by the excuse Big Hit has no time to translate! This is now a Multi-Million Dollar Co. It’s not only about business, but Gratitude! Many I-ARMY have been supporting BTS way before some K-ARMY were supporting. BH should have done this Automatically. We shouldn’t be begging them. BTS has nothing to do with this problem. BTS are the one’s that are too busy! BH has plenty of time & money to get this done! No Excuses!

  5. RM, please do something about the translation. We trust yr leadership. U promote Korean music & culture. We supported u for 6 years. Is this what we get, nothing??? Disappointed on Big Hit for being tone deaf on this issue. If nothing being made, millions of ARMY will simply walk away from this.

    1. Yeah…. we most definitely are requesting, again of Bighit to provide subtitles, but in no way are ” millions of ARMY simply walking away”! This issue is with Bighit not BTS. The few of you making that threat, in comparison to the rest of ARMY would never do that to BTS as a tactic to be heard by Bighit! Do not make a blanket statement for ARMY as though it’s fact from a few fans. Thanks!

  6. I hope big hit add subtitle because many people can’t unserstand..i always watch your show and i still look even i not understand..i know their busy but you must listen what army ask

  7. Yes they should! Because we all know. International fans are a lot more than korean fans. It’s unfair if only korean fans can relate and understand. There are armys in other foreign countries too and i am one of them… so please. Consider our request BigHit.

  8. I think they should add subtitles because many of the comments are saying that they should add subtitles so i will also say that big hit should glve subtitles as many of them cannot understand…

  9. Yes they should add subs! We all know that I-army are more than that of k-army who support and love bts and its very unfair for them bh must add subs thats it .

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