Super Junior Leeteuk Caught Sliding Into A Model’s DMs, Again

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Super Junior Leeteuk is making headlines for messaging a model on Instagram, in what is often referred to ‘sliding into someone’s DMs,’ and it’s not the first time Leeteuk was exposed for that.

Back in 2018, Leeteuk received some criticism for what many referred to as his attempts to ‘hit on a woman,’ and it seems that it has happened again.

On February 3, a Korean netizen uploaded a string of screenshots to a community post. The screenshots are from Leeteuk’s official verified Instagram account.

The netizen claims that Leeteuk approached her female model friend based on their mutual interest in cars. The netizen says her friend runs a luxury car driver club.

Here is the translation of the DMs:

Leeteuk: Hello! You must be into cars. I also look at a lot of cars too, so I came across your account. Remember to wear a mask out. Stay healthy!

Model: Thank you! Masks are a must!

Leeteuk: I’m waiting for the Porsche 992.

Leeteuk goes on to ask the woman about her opinion on the cars and suggests they go for a drive together once he receives the new Porsche he bought. The woman suggests he joins their club which is for people who like cars, he responds with,

“You must really cars. I live in Seongsu-dong.”

Netizens are split on their reactions to Leeteuk’s attempt to message women again, while others think it was rude of the woman to expose Leeteuk’s DMing his/her friend.

What do you think of this?

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  1. And what’s the problem with this if he does this? He is single ryt? If he likes the woman then so be it. He did not say disgusting things there. My goodness. So sad with the girl who reveived the dm. She probably would like money or fame because she exposed their convo.

  2. I think he gets lonely and wants to meet new ladies from different groups. I think he’s innocent and taking a brave step to maybe find his number one love. Very Sweet man.

  3. So weird the world we live in. It’s a crime for a famous person to hit on a girl. may as well add in the agency’s contract fine print “oh by the way, by signing this you are signing for lifetime of abstenence. Under no circumstances should you ever feel, love or date”

  4. Oh no the frist human ever to talk to a women god help us lets all stone him o god knets prove every day the need for mental health in korea if this is news and cause for worry the whole country needs help i did not know it was a crime to be human

  5. I’m pretty sure Leeteuk can speak to or message anyone he likes. Just because he is famous doesn’t mean he can’t have a life outside of the business. People need to respect this.

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