Super Junior Heechul Makes Headlines After Fans Speculate That He’s Taking Care Of Sulli’s Cat

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Super Junior Heechul is making headlines in South Korea for his kind soul!

Super Junior Heechul recently held a live broadcast on YouTube in celebration of Super Junior 14th anniversary. Fans had been focused on him but they’ve also noticed a Sphinx cat in the background roaming around, and at one time, she was on his lab.

Fans quickly remembered that Sulli had a cat that looked very similar to this cat; many netizens seem to believe that Heechul is taking care of the cat following Sulli’s passing. It’s unknown if he adopted her or just taking care of her for the time being until she finds a good home.

Regardless, fans are very proud of Heechul for being such a gentle soul and for taking care of Sulli’s pet. Heechul and Sulli were extremely close, they had known each other for a very long time, Heechul has always been a great supporter of Sulli.

What do you think of his actions?

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