SM Issues Apology After Fans Become Outraged Over Doyoung Being Missing From A NCT 127 Album Version

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SM Entertainment has addressed the immense backlash that resulted from a recent mistake on NCT 127’s most recent album.

NCT 127 made their comeback recently with “2 Baddies,” and fans who bought the album noticed that Doyoung was missing from the Digipack version. He was the only member missing.

Considering SM’s size and the sheer number of staff responsible for each album rollout, many fans thought it was unbelievable that they had printed out an album version without checking if all of the members were present.

While SM attempted to fix the situation and replace the images in that version of the album, it was already sent out and being delivered to vendors and sold to customers.

On September 16, SM ended up issuing an apology to the fans. They also explained that these versions will be re-printed and sent out to those who bought that version.

Check out SM’s apology below!

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