Production Companies Included A New Strict Clause In Contracts For Celebrities Who Are Involved In School Violence And More To Claim Damage

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Production companies have reportedly added a new provision to claim damages if any celebrity causes a controversy that has harmed the progress of the work due to their involvement in school violence, drugs, drunk driving, sex crimes, and military service corruption.

From idol group singers to male and female actors. From 2020 to 2021, when “school violence” revelations poured out against young celebrities in their 20s, whose memories of their school days still remain clear. It was definitely an unusual sign that the claims of school violence by alumni have erupted at the same time as in 2018 when the “Me Too” movement spread around the world.

Although celebrities are not public figures who perform public works, moral character testament is crucial in that they receive public attention and love and have a small but powerful influence on them.

Some of the stars identified as perpetrators at the time expressed their intention to take legal action, calling the accusations “groundless,” but their images were knocked down into the abyss as their alumni continued to certify and expose them even after they said it was groundless.

The resulting damage was inevitably braced by producers, directors, broadcasters, and theaters. There were also verbal apologies, but no clear solution came out, which is regrettable.

Producers who suffered such unexpected financial losses added additional detail to the performers’ contracts after the “school violence disclosure incident.” From the filming to the release of work, if the performer harms the production process, the producer will not only drop them out but also file to claim compensation for higher damages.

Recently, an entertainment industry official told OSEN,

The contract for the cast has changed from the past days. Until a few years ago, there was no provision for school violence celebrities, but now it has been added. There are provisions that can claim damages if they cause controversy that has harmed the progress of the work.

In short, it means that the celebrity who caused the problem should compensate the production company and broadcaster for the loss. This is because one celebrity can cost billions to tens of billions of production costs.

After the revelation of the school violence, the contract of the new works has changed forever now.

A representative of a production company recently told OSEN, expressing his disappointment by saying, “I made a good movie with difficulty and hard work, but I’m suffering from the same thing. The damages we suffered are too huge. It’s so hard.” It is not easy to prove evidence from past cases, and it takes a long time in the case of a court dispute, so realistic discussions seem to be needed.

However, some officials said, “Why did the actor do that in the past? One more official added, “They’re so good at acting now, so it’s a waste.”

However, we should change the perception that school violence is just immature pranks made in childhood. School violence is a scary crime that causes lifelong pain and trauma to the victim.

The strict cast contract is not limited to school violence. It includes all controversies that could lead to the production of victims, including drugs, drunk driving, sex crimes, and military service corruption.

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