Netizens Criticize Hyuna For Flaunting $10 Bills In An Instagram Post

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In ‘what did HyunA do today that caused netizens to criticize her?’ I have this to share!

On February 8, HyunA shared a couple of photos and videos to her Instagram account, as usual, she’s very active on her Instagram and usually shares photos and videos of her outfits and dance practices.

One of the posts that garnered attention and criticism were photos of her posing with cash. She was holding 10,000 Won bills (roughly $9) close to her face covering almost all of it showing only the 10,000 Won bills.

Korean news outlets covered the story, netizenbuzz collected some of the top comments on some of these articles, here are what some netizens are saying:

[+606, -108] It’s like she’s showing off her tips

[+548, -88] She’s so uneducated and dumb that she thinks posing like this is okay, she’s dirty

[+290, -25] At Hyuna’s level, you would expect checks ㅋㅋㅋ

[+31, -2] Buy some pants with that money

[+30, -8] I wonder what she’s thinking in her head when she takes these pictures…

[+25, -0] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Cheap and tacky

International fans are split on the subject, some think she’s merely trolling because of how small the bills amount to, while others think she’s getting weirder by the day, others called the photo tacky.

HyunA has recently signed an exclusive contract with PSY’s new agency P-Nation and is expected to get back into making music and releasing new songs soon.

How do you feel about the pictures?


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My Thoughts

When I found out they were roughly 9$ bills I thought she had to be trolling.

I am sharing this story because I also wanted to talk about HyunA’s state these days, it’s becoming worrisome!

I like HyunA and my interest in her grew following the whole issue with Cube Entertainment, I still believe she was partially at fault for going public without her label’s knowledge but I do think she’s an idol who works hard and deserves a break from all the hate she’s getting.

However, I fear for the state she’s becoming these days, it almost feels like she’s turning into another Sulli. I previously spoke about Sulli, I am of the mindset that you shouldn’t feed the hate bandwagon.

Social media is tricky and I used to post some stupid shit back in the day but I stopped, idols are also human who make mistakes. However, I feel that some posts only end up harming these idols even if they mean to be trolling and joking around, we all know how scary some netizens can be.

The 10$ I believe is a joke, I mean it has to be. I still think its cringy AF that she’s showing it off, I think its cringy whenever anyone on the internet pose with money.

But she has a wishy-washy relationship with netizens at the moment and her doing this (despite the fact that its harmless) will harm her image in the future.

I hope she knows that well. She’s going to make her comeback in 2019 and I wish that she would take it easy with social media posts so that it won’t come to bite her in the ass later.

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