Hanteo Chart Announces Its First Ever Music Award Show To Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary

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Hanteo Chart is hosting its first ever music awards show!

On November 23, the chart announced that they will be hosting the 30th anniversary Hanteo Music Awards (HMA) 2022, it will the very first in-person awards show in honors of the chart’s 30th anniversary. It will take place on February 10 and 11, 2023 at Jamsil Arena.

Hanteo Music Awards (HMA) 2022 will be the first offline award show for the Hanteo Chart. The awards will be given solely based on the exact data retrieved from their chart. The award show also promised many artists will hold amazing performances at the ceremony too.

The Hanteo Chart is South Korea’s first music chart and is the only real-time music chart in the world that collects kpop big data.

Are you excited to see the Hanteo Music Awards?

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