GOT7’s BamBam Announces Hiatus From Twitter, Here Is Why

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GOT7’s BamBam will be taking a break from Twitter!

GOT7’s BamBam is the most followed Kpop idol on Twitter and is known for his witty tweets and responses to fans. He regularly interacts with iGOT7s [GOT7’s fandom name] leading to many hilarious interactions on Twitter.

However, on July 2, BamBam announced his plans to take a break from Twitter. He shared a GIF with the text, “GIVE ME A BREAK.” He captioned it, “see u guys later.” 

Later, when a fan asked him if he’s going to do an Instagram live or a Vlive soon, he replied, “I am going to rest for the time being so I can have a clear head.”

Looks like BamBam will be slowing down his social media activities for the time being. Fans wish him all the best as he takes a much-deserved break.

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